Tecnologia Tessuti



All our items are made with sports fabrics produced in Lombardy and Green Vision certified (eco-sustainability certification for reducing environmental impact), designed to guarantee:

Excellent breathability: the transport of sweat to the outside allows you to keep the skin always fresh and dry. Perfect feature both in winter, because it helps the muscles to stay warm, and in summer because, by drying quickly, it allows you to stay fresh and light.

Perfect fit and excellent comfort: follow the shape of the body and accompany the movements without constraints, to carry out physical activity in total freedom.

Resistance to pilling and abrasion : the finishing on the fabrics is carried out with modern machinery and innovative techniques without ruining or damaging the fibers.

Non-deformability: the use of high quality raw materials and the innovative construction of the fibers, ensure the creation of garments capable of withstanding prolonged use over time and frequent washing.

Easy care and quick drying.


Harmony is the innovative 100% made in Italy microfiber fabric, which combines a refined appearance with a delicate softness and elegant fluidity.
Breathable, light and easy to care for, it offers maximum comfort in contact with the skin: the transport of sweat to the outside allows you to keep the skin always fresh and dry, avoiding annoying irritation and the proliferation of bacteria, which cause bad odors.


Warm Hug is a 100% Made in Italy techno-fabric, extremely soft and comfortable in contact with the skin.
The soft raising process to which it is subjected creates a protective cushion able to wrap the body in pleasant thermal protection.
The brushed fabric controls humidity, ensures perfect breathability and keeps the body temperature constant for sporting performance at the highest levels, even in very cold temperatures.
It also ensures excellent fit and excellent comfort, protecting the UV ray body with UPF 50+ factor


The fabric 100% Made in Italy eco-sustainable requires the use of ECONYL® regenerated nylon thread. The upper part of Nylon rugs and carpets, fishing nets and other waste products made of Nylon, at the end of their life are not disposed of in landfills, but recovered, regenerated and transformed into ECONYL® yarn, giving life to eco-sustainable fabrics, highly technical.
The fabric is able to guarantee perfect fit and shape retention over time.
It also supports and accompanies every athletic gesture so as to limit the formation of lactic acid even during prolonged training sessions.


Our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified, able to identify those products that do not present any risk to the health of the consumer.
To determine if a fabric is suitable for obtaining certification, numerous tests are carried out on possible harmful substances.
The certificate is very important, in how much the required requirements go far beyond existing national laws.